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The Country Hen Shoppe
at Bernier Farms and Storage (see ad in our May-june issue)

Pauline Bernier started her business journey in the form of an egg farm back in 1976, lasting for a long thirty years. For Pauline, the owner of Berniers, a change was due after such a long time of doing the same thing. The egg farm turned into a storage facility for the public because of all the space with the potential to be utilized, but she did not settle there. At first, Pauline attempted a business in crafts and soon realized the public’s interest in not only buying but selling. Today, storage and egg sales are still in place, but the consignment aspect is where the business soars with about 350 consignees. This is what formed a new name: The Country Hen Shoppe. The consignment business started as an outlet, and a way to use up space, but has now flourished into a treasure trove for all types of shoppers.

What shoppers can find at The Country Hen Shoppe goes from kitchen gadgets, sports collectables, books and movies, kids toys, all the way to furniture at great prices. Regular shoppers would tell about the appeals of local shopping, variety, and fair prices. What you get at The Country Hen Shoppe is not only unique items, but friendly and welcoming service. It’s a great thing to be able to pass on something unwanted to another who may need it, giving consignment its charm. As Pauline puts it, “People feel good when they find new items” which is why so many shoppers choose consignment. In one corner of the store is the man cave and in the other is the ladies cave, where home decor and furniture (the store’s best seller) reside, leaving an outlet for everyone.

When asked about what she loves in running the store, Pauline states, “I love working side-by-side with my daughter, Carrie, who helps manage the store, and meeting new people. Some are like family,” making the store more like a community to her and the shoppers. Regardless, she would also love to see new faces! Whether you’re looking for a lamp, fresh eggs, Christmas decor, handcrafted items from other vendors, or anything more, it’s all right at The Country Hen Shoppe! You can visit The Country Hen Shoppe at 316 New Dam Road Sanford Maine or call at (207) 324-5606. Their hours are Monday-Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and Saturday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. You can also go online to Etsy (under The Country Hen Shoppe), Facebook, and Instagram both under Bernier’s Farm and Storage to experience it yourself.

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